What is the Tableau Academy?

The Tableau Academy is a brand new initiative helping you to learn and improve your data analysis and visualisation skills with Tableau by providing a full Tableau learning pathway on a wide range of Tableau related topics for you to work through.

All our courses are from (or based on) real world business focussed scenarios and projects. Each tutorial walks you through the solution that you can work through at your own pace and pick up new Tableau skills and knowledge.

Every course also gives you a finished Tableau project that you can add to your portfolio or use to demonstrate your Tableau skills and knowledge to prospective employers or clients.

Why Sign Up?

Tableau Academy brings you hands on, immersive and business focussed courses to help you level up your Tableau, design and data analysis/visualisation skills.

All of our courses use, or are based on, real world examples and cover a wide range of topics related to Tableau including:

  • Developing business focussed dashboards, reports, analysis, visualisations and insight in Tableau.

  • Gathering and defining requirements and managing stakeholders.

  • Iterating on current dashboards to deliver improvements.

  • Performance testing and improving performance on workbooks.

  • Design, visual analytics and dashboard best practices.

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The Tableau Academy brings you premium Tableau courses and tutorials to level up your Tableau skills and land that dream job!


Alan Murray

Senior Tableau Manager & Specialist with over 10 years experience helping people improve their Tableau skills. Author of Tableau Tea Break, Tableau Jobs newsletter and founder of Tableau Academy.